9/25/23: Quantum Science Diplomacy Event at Johns Hopkins 555 Pennsylvania Ave – register now

Free registration, Monday 9/25, 2 – 4 PM – Flash talks by key players in the private sector, academia and the US government (DOS, DOE, NIST, OSTP) on main updates about:

Key advancements and challenges in quantum technologies (quantum computing, sensors, cryptography, simulation, measurement and imaging)

New developments in national quantum strategies and the formation and growth of collaborative and transnational partnerships in QIST

The Quantum Science Diplomacy will be an opportunity to experience JHU’s beautiful new DC facility: https://washingtondc.jhu.edu


Lincoln Carr | Professor, Colorado School of Mines
Jonas Geust | COO & Deputy CEO, Bluefors
Travis Humble | Director, Quantum Science Center, ORNL
Jim Kushmerick | Director, Physical Measurement Laboratory, NIST
Himadri Majumdar | CEO & Co-founder, SemiQon
Celia Merzbacher | QED-C Executive Director, SRI International
Prineha Narang | Professor, UCLA & U.S. Science Envoy
Jussi-Pekka Penttinen | Co-Founder, CEO & CTO, Vexlum
Pekka Pursula | Research Manager, VTT Technical Research of Finland
Sarah Staton | Deputy Director, U.S. Department of State
Charles Tahan | Assistant Director, Quantum Information Science (QIS) &
Director, National Quantum Coordination Office (NQCO), OSTP
George Thomas | Chief Innovation Officer, Connected DMV