Job Opening: Postdoctoral position in neutron scattering from confined and driven quantum materials

A postdoc position is available in a project that will probe static and dynamic properties of confined and driven quantum materials through materials synthesis and neutron scattering. This work will be supervised by Collin Broholm and Satoru Nakatsuji at the Institute for Quantum Matter at the Johns Hopkins University. A PHD in physics is a...

9/25/23: Quantum Science Diplomacy Event at Johns Hopkins 555 Pennsylvania Ave – register now

Free registration, Monday 9/25, 2 – 4 PM – Flash talks by key players in the private sector, academia and the US government (DOS, DOE, NIST, OSTP) on main updates about: Key advancements and challenges in quantum technologies (quantum computing, sensors, cryptography, simulation, measurement and imaging) New developments in national quantum strategies and the formation...

Quantum World Congress 9/26-28/2023 at CAPITAL ONE HALL – registration links and information

Quantum World Congress 9/26-28/2023 at CAPITAL ONE HALL, 7750 Capital One Tower Road, Tysons, VA 22102. Please visit the Congress web site where you can register at a cost.  

Job Opening: Condensed Matter Physics Postdoctoral Positions

The Institute for Quantum Matter at Johns Hopkins University explores the anomalous magnetic, electronic, and superconducting properties of quantum materials in bulk and thin film forms. Applications are invited for two postdoc positions specializing in the use of neutron scattering to probe quantum materials in the group of Prof. Collin Broholm. The successful candidates will...

Liang Wu Receives Macronix Prize from International Organization of Chinese Physicists and Astronomers

IQM alumni, Liang Wu who is now an Assistant Professor at University of Pennsylvania, was awarded the Outstanding Young Researcher Award (Macronix Prize) by the International Organization of Chinese Physicists and Astronomers for “his pioneering experiments exploring topological materials with terahertz and nonlinear spectroscopy.” Congratulations to Liang and his former JHU mentor Peter Armitage!

Three IQM Principal Investigators Receive Grants from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to Further our Understanding of Quantum Materials

n peter armitage

N. Peter Armitage and Collin Broholm of JHU, and Prof. Bob Cava of Princeton University, have each received grants from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation to further our understanding of the ‘weirdness’ of quantum materials. The funding is provided by the The foundation’s Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Systems (EPiQS) Initiative.

Jiadong Zang Receives 2020 International Union of Pure and Applied Physics Young Scientist Prize


Former IQM postdoctoral fellow, Jiadong Zang, has received the 2020 International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP) Young Scientist Prize. Zang, who conducted his research with Oleg Tchernyshyov during his time at IQM, won the IUPAP Young Scientist Prize “For outstanding theoretical studies of the interplay between magnetism and topology”.

IQM2020 Annual Meeting Postponed

The IQM2020 annual meeting will be postponed due to evolving concerns over COVID-19 and associated changes in campus access policies. A new date for the meeting will be announced as soon as possible. In the meantime, to keep the science moving forward, we are planning an online IQM meeting on March 31, 2020. Details to...

Frontiers in Energy Research Newsletter Article Features IQM Members


Check out the article about how we do science in the current version of the EFRC news-letter. It was written by Elisabeth Pogue who is a postdoc in Tyrel McQueen’s group and contains interesting perspectives from three scientists from different EFRCs including David Vanderbilt of IQM. Get in touch with Elisabeth if you have an...

DOE Program Manager Visit to IQM

department of energy seal

We shall start off the new year by welcoming our DOE program managers for a full day visit to IQM on January 7, 2020. There will be a set of talks highlighting recent discoveries and a tour of the IQM laboratories at JHU. Everyone is invited to attend and the talks will be livestreamed via...