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Postdoctoral Fellows


Santu Baidya

Adviser: David Vanderbilt
Research Interest: First-principles based density functional method to study interesting phenomena like electronic structure, magnetism, topological properties like quantum Hall effects, Weyl semimetals etc. of real materials.
PhD: S. N. Bose National Centre For Basic Sciences, 2015
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JG postdoc

Jonathan Gaudet

Adviser: Collin Broholm
Research Interest: Neutron scattering of Weyl semimetals.
PhD: McMaster University, 2018
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Gaël Grissonnanche

Adviser: Brad Ramshaw
Research Interest: I specialize in transport of heat and charge experiments in quantum materials, with a soft spot for the thermal Hall effect technique. My research orbits around the study of unconventional superconductors and frustrated magnets at low temperature and in high magnetic fields.
PhD: University of Sherbrooke, 2016
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Daniel Hill

Adviser: Oleg Tchernyshyov
Research Interest: Spintronics, quantum magnetism, and topological physics.
PhD: University of California Los Angeles, 2019
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Jinwoong Kim

Adviser: David Vanderbilt
Research Interest: Topologically protected states emerging at interfaces such as anti-phase boundary or heterostructures. Development of tight-binding code based on Wannier Hamiltonian for simulations of novel experimental observations.
PhD: Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea 2012
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AL postdoc

Anaëlle Legros

Adviser: N. Peter Armitage
Research Interest: I am a condensed matter experimentalist specialized in transport measurements, single crystal synthesis and time-domain terahertz spectroscopy, with an emphasis on high magnetic fields to reveal new properties of unconventional superconductors. My research focuses on cuprate superconductors, frustrated magnetic materials and axion insulators.
PhD: Université de Sherbrooke / Université Paris-Saclay, 2018
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Elizabeth “Lisa” Pogue

Adviser: Tyrel McQueen
Research Interest: I am investigating a wide range of quantum materials from superconductors to perovskite topological insulator candidates.
PhD: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, 2018


M Raju

Adviser: Satoru Nakatsuji and Collin Broholm
Research Interest: Developing thin-film heterostructures consisting of magnets, heavy metals, oxides, and superconductors using sputtering techniques. Understanding the emergent quantum phenomenon in low-dimensional heterostructures.
PhD: IIT Delhi, 2013

YW postdoc

Yishu Wang

Adviser: Collin Broholm
Research Interest: I am interested in emergent phenomena in quantum magnetism, particularly when long-range magnetic ordering is suppressed. Experimentally, I use scattering techniques (neutron and x-ray) to probe magnetic ground states and excitations in the energy-momentum space, complemented by transport measurements, time-resolved studies, and high-pressure tuning.
PhD: California Institute of Technology, 2018