Quantum MaterialsIQM mission: To realize, understand, and control revolutionary quantum materials and structures where quantum effects such as entanglement and coherence find collective macroscopic manifestations.

RESEARCH PLAN: Quantum mechanics successfully describes electrons within atoms as matter waves. IQM will develop “Quantum Materials” where electronic matter waves extend beyond the atomic scale and give rise to unique physical properties. IQM theorists will identify candidate materials and nanoscale structures that will be synthesized and then probed with advanced spectroscopic and transport methods to realize and understand four new quantum states of matter and explore their potential for applications.

Organization Chart
Fig. 1. Organization chart for the IQM EFRC. Color coding indicates the principal methodologies of the individuals: Green for synthesis, blue for experiments, and red for theory. Most PIs are involved in several thrusts areas and some have expertise needed in all of them. This helps to connect the thrusts and build cohesion across the institute. The PIs listed in the lower boxes are projected to spend 20% or more of their EFRC efforts in that area and they will take part in strategic planning for that scientific area. See Fig. 2 for the full thrust participation matrix.
Fig. 2. Matrix of IQM PIs indicating their complementary methodologies and anticipated participation in % of their EFRC effort in our four main research thrusts.

IQM: Synthesis


IQM: Spectroscopy

Spectroscopy Group

IQM: Theory

Theory Team

Quantum Spin Liquid
Thrust leader: Oleg Tchernyshyov

  • spinLiquid

Develop and characterize a D>1 quantum spin liquid

  • Realization in a high quality single crystalline material
  • Experimental evidence for solid state entanglement
  • Characterization of emergent quasi-particles with coherent quantum dynamics

Topological Magnetic Semi-metal
Thrust leader: Satoru Nakatsuji

magnetic semi metalDevelop and explore materials where a magnetic correlations yield Weyl fermions

  • Control band topology by manipulating magnetic order
  • Explore the nature of magnetic excitations, phase transitions, and domains
  • Explore the potential for energy relevant applications in thin film structures

Topology in Superconductivity
Thrust leader: Tyrel McQueen

topology in superconductivityRealize and characterize superconductivity in a topological semi-metal

  • Induce topological superconductivity through proximity with known superconductor
  • Discover topologically protected band crossings in known superconductors
  • Expose the unique properties of topological superconductivity

Axion Insulator
Thrust leader: Peter Armitage

Axion ThrustRealize magnetically ordered topological insulator with a quantized magneto-electric response

  • Option 1: TI-FM multi-layer structure
  • Option 2: Magnetic order in inversion symmetric topological insulator.
  • An excellent opportunity to demonstrate materials by design methods

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