DoE Names IQM One of Six New Energy Frontier Research Centers

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The IQM is now one of six centers supported by the Department of Energy that will explore the quantum landscape to build a fundamental understanding of how quantum properties manifest themselves in materials and how they might become the basis for new, energy-related technologies.

Shu Zhang Earns Graduate Fellowship at Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics

Graduate student Shu “Suzy” Zhang has earned a graduate fellowship at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics. The purpose of the Graduate Fellowship Program is to offer a unique opportunity for a select group of physics doctoral students to spend a minimum period of 5 months at the KITP, participate in KITP research programs, and […]

The Institute for Quantum Matter to Become an Energy Frontier Research Center

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The Institute for Quantum Matter is to become an Energy Frontier Research Center. IQM will focus on the realization and understanding of new states of quantum matter: (1) Quantum Spin Liquids (2) Magnetic Weyl Semi-metals (3) Monopole Superconductors (4) Axion Insulators. IQM joins a list of 42 EFRCs that were announced today. IQM was selected at a funding […]

Natalia Drichko’s Lab Publishes Evidence for a New Property of Quantum Matter

A theorized but never-before detected property of quantum matter has now been spotted in the lab, a team led by Associate Research Professor Natalia Drichko reports. The study findings, published online in the journal Science, show that a particular quantum material first synthesized 20 years ago, called k-(BEDT-TTF)2Hg(SCN)2 Br, behaves like a metal but is derived from […]

Wesley Fuhrman Recognized by the Schmidt Science Fellows Program for His Outstanding Research into Topological Insulators

Doctoral candidate Wesley Fuhrman has been selected as an inaugural Schmidt Science Fellow for his research into topological insulators. Endowed by Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google, and his wife, philanthropist Wendy Schmidt, the fellowship program seeks to support the next generation of scientific leaders, giving them the tools and opportunities they need to […]

Collin Broholm Participates in “Subatomic Smackdown”

Collin Broholm

IQM Director Collin Broholm has entered the ring as part of a fun competition that pits four subatomic particles – neutron, proton, photon and electron – against one another, each one putting forward an argument about why it is THE BEST subatomic particle in the universe. Broholm joins a team of scientists and science writers […]

Peter Armitage’s work on a topological insulator in Science

In an paper published in Science, IQM’s Peter Armitage and a team of six scientists from Johns Hopkins and Rutgers University experiment with material that straddles world of classical physics and a hidden quantum realm. Here are the article, the editor’s summary, and the university press release.