Collin Broholm Participates in “Subatomic Smackdown”

Collin Broholm

IQM Director Collin Broholm has entered the ring as part of a fun competition that pits four subatomic particles – neutron, proton, photon and electron – against one another, each one putting forward an argument about why it is THE BEST subatomic particle in the universe. Broholm joins a team of scientists and science writers […]

Peter Armitage’s work on a topological insulator in Science

In an paper published in Science, IQM’s Peter Armitage and a team of six scientists from Johns Hopkins and Rutgers University experiment with material that straddles world of classical physics and a hidden quantum realm. Here are the article, the editor’s summary, and the university press release.

DOE Office of Science highlights IQM research

Recent work of IQM scientists on the controversial topological Kondo insulator SmB6 is featured in a DOE highlight. Details at the DOE Office of Science website.

Shan Wu wins the best poster prize

Congratulations to Shan Wu who won the best poster prize at the international conference on strongly correlated electron systems for her work on magnetic ordering near quantum criticality in CeNiAsO.

Tyrel McQueen will head a new crystal growth center

JHU will grow crystals as part of national bid to develop better materials for technology Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Princeton, and Clark Atlanta universities form a team of institutions that the agency chose for a $25 million program over five years. The new effort, dubbed PARADIM—Platform for the Accelerated Realization, Analysis and Discovery of Interface Materials—is […]

Peter Armitage wins the 2016 Ludwig Genzel Prize

Peter Armitage has won the 2016 Ludwig Genzel Prize. The award is given to a young scientist for exceptional contributions to the field of condensed-matter spectroscopy. It is named after to Ludwig Genzel, whose scientific interests were in far-infrared spectroscopy.

Workshop on Anomalous Transport on March 11 and 12

Taking advantage of the opportunity of the March meeting of the APS in Baltimore, MD this spring, we are organizing a 2-day workshop on “Anomalous Transport in Multipolar and Topological Materials” at the Johns Hopkins University. Details are on the workshop website. The workshop is sponsored by the JSPS grant for innovative area “J-Physics” and by the […]